B N S Galaxy Pebbles

B N S Galaxy Pebbles

B N S NATURAL PEBBLES is yet another strategic business unit of B N S HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD.

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B N S NATURAL PEBBLES is yet another strategic business unit of B N S Holdings. At B N S Pebbles a large variety of decorative pebbles are manufactured and sources to bring to our customers the widest and the best selection of both natural and machined decorative pebbles and stones for all indoor and outdoor uses. Our manufacturing plants situated in the central hill of the Island, mine some of the highest quality mineral stones in the world and processes them in to beautiful rounded semi polished decorative pebbles that adds an unique ambiance of elegance to ware ever they are placed.

Description : Galaxy Pebbles are granite boulders that are sized and processed and beautifully shaped in our processing plants to give a natural look of eroded river and glazier stone.

Usage : Don't not through or drop product. Place gently as desired. Stones placed in low sunlight areas and damp areas washing the stones with regular bleach or boiling water.

Dust can be removed by washing, vacuuming wiping as appropriate at any frequency.

Size : Small / Medium / Large

Health and Safety : All ways use gloves and safety shoes when handling product.

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