About us

BNS Holdings is a Sri Lanka company with Strategic business Units / Joint ventures / dealerships / agencies which facilitate and integrate BNS Holdings to meet the entire scope of the construction market.

BNS Holdings is the holding company, engaged in providing total solutions to the construction industry both in the industrial and household segments. With a vision to be fully integrated with the construction industry through the supply of materials, machinery and services BNS Holdings has many SBU’s and a network of partner companies managing a wide portfolio of products and services, able to meet the entire scope of the construction market in Sri Lanka.

BNS Holdings invests in the latest technology along with quality people dedicated to achieve its goals and objectives. Our main focus is to bring the widest possible range of products and services to our customers, giving better value in the form of service, delivery, Value addition, quality assurance, flexibility and speed.

Better and Easy Service

We have got yet closer to our customers through our web site www. bnshardware.lk and will be able to give better service and convenience to them as the country’s first online hardware store that is designed for today’s home builders.

Our Vision

Our online store will not only offer convenience to its users but will add value over the regular hardware store by offering product specifications, quality certificates, product usage recommendations, correct product usage instructions, technical support and many other features that will keep the home builders of today and tomorrow better informed in purchasing hardware goods in building their dream homes.