Bliss Laundry Soap - Araliya Fragrance

Bliss Laundry Soap - Araliya Fragrance

Bliss Laundry Soap - Araliya Fragrance 115 G 

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Launched Bliss Laundry Bar, Bliss is a best selection for manual cloth washing, offers best dirt and oil
cleaning strength with 55 % TFM, leaves the original softness long-lasting Araliya aroma to fabrics. soap bar easily removes all kind of day to day dirt and stains from Cloths. Laundry soap bar is the best product for manual washing of cloths.

Ingredients - TFM 55 %, Contains Biodegradable Chemicals. Ingredients are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and environmentally friendly. 


Appearance  - Solid

Color - Sky Blue

Odor  - Araliya

Size (length, width, height)(mm)  - 86*50*25

Weight(g) - 115 +/ - 2

pH 100 % 25 0C  -   10-12

Moisture cont ent (W/W %)  -    Max. 12

Foam Volume (ml) -  Min.800

Foam Stability (min) > 5

Storage - Store product in a well-ventilated area, Keep away from excess heat.

Direction for Use - Rub Laundry Soap bar on wet cloths and gently rub the cloths to spread the soap. Rinse well with water until all soap removed.

Shelf Life - Best to use before 24 months from the manufacturing date. 

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